Work with me

Personal development and knowledge about behavior for green, social, and inclusive impact makers

What drives me is building a better world—a world that’s greener, more socially conscious, and inclusive. The world we live in requires not only concrete solutions to make it more beautiful but also an understanding of how we, as individuals and as a society, navigate these changes. I support individuals striving to create a positive impact by guiding them through personal development and behavioral understanding in roles such as a trainer, coach, or facilitator.

Concrete projects and partners through which I put this into practice include: Cafe Klima, Klimaatgesprekken, Klimaatcontact, Waves of Change, Nudge Gobal Impact Challenge, and Sustainable Talent.

As a trainer

My training focuses on people and change management skills (such as communication, coaching, leadership, cultural awareness, etc.) for professionals striving for green, social, and inclusive impact. Whether you’re an excellent engineer or a driven account manager, when you want to inspire to act more sustainability in your work or life, you often face challenges. My sessions cover topics such as forging coalitions for change and using storytelling to influence others. Additionally, they provide you with opportunities to better understand your own patterns and thereby become more effective.

As a facilitator

I believe in the power of collativeness. My passion lies in connecting individuals and creating communities aiming for a better world.

  • Meetings: I organize gatherings where people can openly discuss topics that are often avoided. Here, I create a sense of unity and the belief that one can make a positive impact.
  • Learning processes: I encourage learning from each other and foster the utilization of collective intelligence, both cognitively and emotionally, such as through peer coaching.

As a coach

When coaching individuals or groups striving to create a better world, we often address the following themes:

  • Dealing with the grief associated with the loss of the world as we know it.
  • Coping with fears about the future, both for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Overcoming feelings of powerlessness regarding your impact on the world.

You might be actively pursuing a positive impact, both professionally and personally, and facing challenges such as:

  • Feeling of falling short despite your dedication and efforts.
  • Misunderstanding from people around you who do not share the same sense of urgency.
  • A sense of loneliness because others fail to recognize the urgency of taking action for a better world.

Café Klima

Café Klima originated from the need felt by Fanny Bronés and myself to create a space where feelings about the state of the world can be shared without judgment. We achieve this by providing a safe environment where people can learn to embrace change, explore the opportunities it presents, and feel inspired to take individual and collective action. We employ practical exercises, and by going through these together as a group, strong bonds are formed among Café Klima participants. We organize a multilingual Café Klima every month in Northern Basque Country that is open to everyone. Additionally, we offer customized workshops for businesses.
Café Klima is supported by the Humans by Nature network.

Klimaatgesprekken and Klimaatcontact

As a climate coach at Klimaatgesprekken, I contribute to social tipping points. This is the critical moment when a social system, such as society, reaches a tipping point where a significant number of individuals accept new behaviors or norms, leading to rapid and widespread changes. I facilitate workshop series where individuals are guided to understand their own ecological footprint, improve their conversation skills, and increase their positive impact (handshake). These workshop series are also offered within an organizational context.

Waves of Change

Waves of Change aims to stimulate collaboration between various fields and sectors for a green and blue economy. This way, we strive to add value to the region we live in, such as protecting nature, implementing changes in the energy sector, and reducing waste.
For the Young Talent Program, I am responsible for the development and training of the personal development component. With this program, we provide young talent with the tools and platform to make a positive impact.
During the annual event, where we bring together and encourage collaboration among various parties, I take on the role of co-host of the main program and facilitate workshops on collective intelligence.

Nudge Gobal Impact Challenge

Nudge has integrated leadership, sustainability, and impact creation into a personal development program, encouraging young professionals to realize their own sustainable projects. Within this program, I offer personal coaching to these young professionals.