Jump and trust

This is a post I posted on LinkedIn in September 2021 when I left for France with my boyfriend. The implication was: quit my job, sell my house, leave friends behind and start my own business.

In 2015 I jumped out of a plane and today I am leaving for France.

In 2015, I jumped out of a plane to symbolically make a marker that I want to be guided less by certainties and fears of making mistakes. This jump reminded me that I want to be more daring even if I don’t fully oversee the consequences.

Now I’m in a packed car on my way to Biarritz in France and this is exactly why I jumped out of the plane. It’s tremendously exciting, I’m letting go of certainties, I’m not fully overseeing what I’m getting myself into, and I’m sure I’m leaving a lot of fine tings and people behind... and yet I’m going.

This opportunity to take the next step with my partner in our relationship at a five-minute walk from the beach is one I am looking forward to. And I’m keen to experience shorter winters, Southern European vibes and new encounters. And I am adding a new language, culture and country to my European identity.

Career-wise, it means that as of January I will be available for remote work. Preferably something in which I can express my passion for learning and development. In addition, I will continue to coach and train remotely with MetLina. If you see opportunities where we can collaborate I would like to get in touch. In return I will tell you the extended version of my ’I am leaving’ story😊

See you soon somewhere on this planet!

This text is translated from Dutch with Deepl with minor alterations from me.