I want to learn effective behaviour to increase my impact.

I want to break through my own sabotaging patterns.

I want to dare to say ’no’ more frequently instead of going along with what the other person wants.

I want to be able to let go of my work instead of continuing to worry.

I want to take action instead of constantly putting things off.

Do you recognise the above aspirations? And would you like to know how to achieve it? Maybe these questions play out especially in the context of today’s changing world and its crises. Or maybe you have other questions in work or private life that you want to explore or deepen. By acknowledging this, you have already taken the first step.

I will gladly support you with the next steps. By engaging in a process with me, I accompany you for a bit in your life and help you increase your insight in yourself in order to change your behaviour. I do this by holding up an honest and non-judgmental mirror to you, teaching you practical tools about behaviour and systems and, if necessary, giving you assignments to do by yourself. All with the aim of achieving your desired end result.